About Us

mybettingsiteasia.com promotes transparency in the online gambling industry, assisting users by providing the resources they need to make informed decisions while betting online or playing at online casinos. Therefore, we want to be transparent about how we operate so that you can access this information.

At mybettingsiteasia.com, we aim to provide you with the best possible experience in online sports betting and/or online casinos. To achieve this, we encourage transparency in the gambling market and strive to guide you as effectively as possible by offering high-quality content, innovative design, and technological solutions. To meet our goals, we work with talented individuals.

Most media companies charge users to access their content. However, at mybettingsiteasia.com, we choose to offer free access to our content to reach as many users as possible.

Because we do not want to charge our users or impose other fees, we require alternative sources of revenue.

Affiliate-Based Business Model

The business model behind mybettingsiteasia.com primarily relies on affiliate relationships. This business method requires gambling operators to pay mybettingsiteasia.com for the traffic directed to them from our website. The traffic sent to operators is calculated based on the number of clicks on affiliate links embedded in text or images, and it may also involve the use of cookies to track when users open accounts with iGaming operators through links on our website.

Specifically, mybettingsiteasia.com generates revenue from licensed gambling operators through one of the following methods:

  • By collecting a certain percentage of the revenue generated by the operator through the gambling activities of players, over the entire period the players have active gaming accounts. This is known as the revenue-sharing model.
  • By collecting a fixed fee for each player who opens an account through our links and makes a deposit. This is referred to as the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) model.
  • Sometimes, it may be a combination of both types of commissions mentioned.

Is this a common practice? Yes! Most newspapers, travel websites, comparison websites, blogs, gambling websites, and others use this business model.

Additionally, mybettingsiteasia.com generates revenue from advertising space sales on the website and sponsored content hosting, where gambling operators pay for exposure on the website.

How Does This Affect the Accuracy of Content on This Site

This does not affect the accuracy of the content on the website. What we write is not influenced in any way by our affiliations with different gambling websites. We only recommend online bookmakers and casinos that we believe offer the best services. We will never praise a website that is not worthwhile just because it provides financial benefits to us. We only collaborate with the best websites that we trust.

Our goal is to provide users with unbiased advice and detailed information about everything related to sports betting, casino games, and other types of online gambling to help you become a more informed bettor or casino player. We believe that we can only gain the trust of our users through sincerity.

Like other news publications, we also host sponsored content on the website that is not subject to the same editorial decisions as other content. In these cases, operators pay for the exposure provided. To allow our users to distinguish between the two types of content and to know that our articles and materials are based on our personal opinions, we will always label paid content as “sponsored.”

Long-Term Strategy

We believe that building a trusted brand is essential for long-term business success. This approach has created some challenges for us with operators who do not receive the reviews they expected. However, we will never compromise our integrity by providing false information that we do not believe in. Most operators who collaborate with us know that this is our approach and mindset, and they accept that our reviews are always 100% accurate and objective, even if it means highlighting less attractive aspects.

It is not our job to protect the image of operators who collaborate with us. Instead, we try to balance the positive and negative aspects so that our users know what to expect when they open an account. In severe cases, we may end cooperation with operators who do not meet certain standards.

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